Tester: This does not work with the latest software version.

Developer: Weird, did you use chromium version 5.0?

Tester: No, because it also should work with the latest version of chrome.

Developer: Of course it should work with the latest version, but try chromium if you like.

Tester: But why?

Developer: Then it might work.

Tester: ????

Developer: We had some problems before with chrome and with versions of chromium and with this version of chromium it did work, so we decided that on our machines that chromium 5.0 will be installed. So no other versions or browsers need to work.

Tester: But what if someone finds a blocking bug in chromium 5.0 and we need to upgrade?

Developer: That are problems for later.

Tester: Ok, I will try it with version 5.0


Tester: Here I am again. With version 5.0 it also doesn’t work.

Developer: Shit.