Challenge 11 and 12 ready

Challenge 11 and 12 ready

A few days that I had no time at all to do anything for the daily challenge. However, I also can say that I performed 2 tasks. Be it, that I posted it on twitter. The Challenge of yesterday was easy.

11: Take A picture of your team.

So I took a picture of our team while we where in our planning and design session. That was an easy task and I posted it on twitter. This is the picture that I took.

teamIt was not our complete team, because we are in holiday season this and next month in Belgium, but half a team is also good. In a few weeks, our team is also divided into two, because we are too big to be efficient. Now we are with 12 people. Way to big to be successful. We are hiring an extra software tester and then we can move on with two complete teams. For the moment we are lacking a software tester.

The next challenge is also not that difficult. It is:

12: Doodle a problem.

We have a problem. Part of our team is in another location and therefore it is not easy to have communication. Therefore I doodled a problem that I see at this moment and also in the near future when we are divided in two or maybe three teams. One team will be on a different location as the other, so I see a problem there with inter-team communication.


And it is true, we are already working with slack, having skype meetings and so. But still, it is not so easy to talk to each other if you are in a different location. I always go to the other location on Fridays. That is helping, but not enough.